Ben Martinez

Ben Martinez

As a creator of gardendata, a blog sharing my 9 years of my experience in gardening.  I'm committed to helping others succeed with as i cover everything from gardening, soil , agriculture, pest , animals, flowers and grasses. Contact me at [email protected] for assistance.

Garden Plant spacing calculator

Garden Plant spacing calculator Area Width: Area Length: Number of Plants: Unit of Measurement: InchesCentimetersFeetYardsMeters Calculate Spacing Recommended Plant Spacing: Comparing Square, Row, and Triangular Spacing Determining the optimal spacing for your crops can be a challenge. However, leveraging an…

How to Prevent Mold on Chia Pet

chia seeds

how can you prevent mold on chia pet? Mold on chia pets is common but can be prevented and treated. As a long-time Chia pet fan, I’ve dealt with mold a few times. With some care and maintenance, you can…

33 Tomato Plants spacing tips using a raised bed

tomato spacing cm

Properly spacing tomato plants is crucial to growing a healthy, productive crop. The spacing needed will depend on the type of tomato variety you are growing. Here are more detailed recommendations: Spacing for Small Bush Varieties Small bush tomato varieties…